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After your song is written, it's important to find the right sounds and craft an arrangement that fits your vibe and personality. I'm experienced in working with bands and acoustic instruments as well as more electronic-oriented projects and also love to combine both worlds if wished.



Even though home-recording has come a long way and has its own benefits, a decent studio recording is hard to beat in quality. I'm working closely with some of the finest recording studios in Berlin and can make sure to find the perfect location that'll fit your needs and budget.

I'm also able to record with my mobile studio rig to capture live sessions

and performances on location.


My mix will amplify the emotional effect of your track and take it sonically to the next level all while you can be certain that your vision of the song is preserved. In order to make this process as enjoyable and efficient as possible, I'm offering live-stream mixing sessions via Zoom and Audiomovers where you can listen to the sound from my studio in real time and propose your changes. 



The final touches to your tracks are crucial and will increase the attention of the audience tremendously. Your mastered track will keep up in every playlist while still sounding open, punchy and dynamic. I make sure that every master reaches its full sonic potential

and translates perfectly across all devices.

If you are interested in working together or if you need help or consultation with your project,

feel free to contact me. 

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